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Why Spray Foam Insulation Is A Top Choice For Southern California Homeowners

If you’re living in Southern California where the weather is generally very warm and the summers can get extremely hot, you may be running your air conditioning unit more often than you’d prefer. How well your home is insulated plays a huge part in the efficiency of your air conditioning and temperature control. With the loss of cool air inside the home or hot air from outside coming in, it can become an issue. This may cause a huge spike in your energy spending which isn’t great for your wallet nor is it for the environment. 

Addressing problems with your insulation will soon become a priority. While most homes are equipped with traditional fiberglass insulation, it’s becoming more common to install spray foam insulation, a much more energy-efficient solution. What benefits are there to insulating in this way?

Why Does Spray Foam Insulation Work So Well?

Spray foam insulation is composed primarily of versatile polyurethane plastic and comes in two forms. One is open-cell and the other is closed cell. The open cell solution has a very flexible application with its soft, sponge-like texture. This flexibility allows gaps within walls to be thoroughly filled and covered with ease during installation. Meanwhile, a closed-cell solution is more rigid, and with this comes a higher R-Value, meaning it’s more efficient in preventing the loss of heat and cool air from inside the home. You’ll find you don’t need to run your air conditioning unit as often with these forms of insulation. 

As an added bonus to these benefits, spray foam insulation also acts as a competent sound barrier and adds to the overall structural integrity of the walls it is applied to. This ensures long-lasting durability and increased comfort of living. These factors are especially important depending on the climate and weather conditions the home will be frequently subjected to.

How Spray Foam Insulation Performs In Inclimate Weather

Although it’s rumored to never rain in Southern California, we do get inclimate weather. When that happens, spray foam insulation can also keep walls and roofing free of ponding water and prevent the buildup of moisture. It also will not lose its form when wet. If it’s cold as well, spray foam insulation will reduce the need for running the heater extensively.

Why You Should Choose Spray Foam Insulation Over Traditional Fiberglass Insulation

Many homes already have fiberglass insulation and a homeowner may consider using it again if a replacement is needed. However, the application of fiberglass is not as secure and often leaves gaps in walls open for air to pass through. This leads to higher temperature transfer and poor noise filtering, resulting in the inability for rooms to retain their temperature and block out noises from the outside of the home and adjacent rooms. The porous nature of fiberglass allows it to become damp, contributing to the accumulation of allergens. The porosity makes is a favorable places pests to use as nests. Lastly, because of the volatile nature of fiberglass, it must be replaced every 10 to 20 years and even sooner if damaged.

Spray foam continues to be a top choice for home insulation. The benefits of its application for temperature, noise and pest control along with its extended durability make it a worthwhile and preferred investment. If you’re looking for spray foam insulation installers in Southern California, reach out to us today!

Photo by Avi Waxman on Unsplash

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