Code of Ethics


As a member/contractor in All Type Insulation Services network, you must acknowledge and agree to
comply with our company ethical codes and the industry regulations. Our members/contractors are
expected to report any unethical violations to All Type Insulation Services. Disregard or failure to comply
with our ethical codes and standards will lead to termination of our business partnership immediately.
You as a member/contractor agree to:
Provide All Type Insulation Services customers with services and products known to promote energy
efficiency, while protecting health and safety.
Maintain in good standing all appropriate and necessary licenses and insurance.
Comply with all laws and regulations of the industry.
Maintain a safe work place for All Type Insulation Services customers and our workers/inspectors
Communicate fairly and accurately with All Type Insulation Services customers with respect to the
scope and quality of their work agreements.
Answer fully all All Type Insulation Services customer concerns before, during and after the work of
their contract and to act promptly on all customer complaints.
Deal fairly and honestly with All Type Insulation Services customers.

Our Company Standards,
Our company will respect and obey all current labor laws and human rights practices. Our company will
communicate all legalities and complaints within a reasonable time frame fairly and efficiently to our
contractors/members. Our company acknowledges and complies with all local and state federal laws
when conducting business. Our company believes in honesty, integrity and accountability