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Radiant Barrier
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Radiant Barrier Insulation

Attics offer excellent potential for the use of radiant barrier insulation systems. Why? Your roof is the surface most exposed to solar radiation, and most of the solar gain absorbed by the roof is transmitted to the attic by that solar radiation. Installing a radiant barrier in the airspace between your hot roof and insulating the cooler attic floor, you can eliminate almost all radiant heat transfer into your home.

1Reduces Cooling Costs

As the Southern California sun shines on your roof, radiant energy heats it up. A large amount of that heat travels down through your home via conduction. A radiant barrier provides your home with a first line of defense against the heat. Your home’s radiant barrier can reduce cooling costs by about 5% to 10% and extend the life of your cooling system.


When used with air sealing and attic insulation, a radiant barrier can significantly reduce your home’s heat gain during even the hottest months, so you can enjoy lower energy costs and increase comfort all year 'round.

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