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Unlike spray foam insulation that is sprayed into open wall cavities, usually in new construction projects, injection foam insulation consists of drilling holes into an existing wall covering of a structure and filling the wall cavities with a low pressure expanding, or pre-expanded foam insulation. The installation process can be done from the either the interior or the exterior of a home, or commercial building, although the exterior seems to be the more popular choice. The holes are then sealed with a plug and painted to match the existing sheathing or facade. If the commercial or residential building has aluminum or vinyl siding, the siding is removed, then re-installed after the installation.

1Injection foam insulation can be used insulate almost any type of structure

Pre-existing walls? No problem, injection foam insulation can be installed into just about any type of wall or building. Fill the inside wall cavity to better insulate from the weather and noise. This is a popular wall insulation option for commercial offices.

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Siding
  • Shingle
  • Drywall

2Types of Injection Foam

Several types of injection foams can be used for your wall insulation injection application. Each injection foam type has different advantages and disadvantages, be sure to discuss which type of injection insulation foam is best for your residential home or commercial building project:

  • Pre-expanded foam insulation
  • Low density pour-in-place polyurethane foam

3Existing Walls

Completely fill your home's wall cavities with injection foam insulation, for a dense (and noise proof) installation without removing existing drywall. To add insulation to any exterior and/or interior wall, holes are drilled between the studs of the existing walls. Then, spray foam, cellulose, or another form of loose-fill insulation can be blown in to fill up the wall cavities. Finally, the holes must be plugged up and refinished to match the rest of the wall.

4Commercial Injection Foam

The use of injection foam insulation in California goes far beyond residential home applications. Below are several commercial uses of foam insulation using the injection method installation process:

  • Masonry Block / Core Fill
  • Sound Deadening
  • Common Area Pipe and Plumbing Chases (Hotels, Townhouses and Condominiums)
  • Brick Veneer / Masonry
  • Commercial Wall Insulation

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