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When Is the Best Time of Year to Install Spray Foam Insulation?

Property owners consider spray foam insulation to seal air leakages and keep cool air in during the heat of summer and warm air in during bitterly cold winter months. Insulating against weather extremes can help save on energy and heating costs and has the benefit of closing off cracks and crevices, keeping out pests. The insulation can also provide a sound barrier to keep down noise. With so many benefits, when is the best time of year to have spray foam professionally installed?

What Temperature Should Spray Foam Be Stored?

When making considerations for the best time of year to install spray foam, the makeup of the foam itself should be kept in mind. Spray foam is best stored in temperatures above 70°F but not in excessive heat because of the flammability of the stored chemicals. Proper storage temperatures will ensure the stability of the foam. While professional installers have storage methods that protect against extreme ambient temperatures, how hot or cold the environment is has the potential to impact the installation and durability of the material. 

What Is the Best Temperature for a Surface Being Treated with Spray Foam?

Spray foam must be applied to a surface that is dry, absent of moisture and is between 60°F and 80°F. The makeup of the foam requires this so that it can be evenly sprayed and harden properly. Colder temperatures can make the foam remain sticky after application instead of hardening. It can also cause the material to shrink and be pliable, defeating the purpose of an insulation. While heaters can be used to bring a surface to the right temperature prior to the professional application of spray foam, extreme cold should be avoided. 

When Is the Best Time to Call A Spray Foam Installer?

Extreme temperatures can awaken a sense of urgency for spray foam insulation. In extremely hot or cold weather, the demand for professional spray foam insulation installers goes up. It would be best to consider this when planning for the spray foam service.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Have Spray Foam Installed?

With these considerations in mind, it’s best to get spray foam insulation installed in an attic, walls, windows and any other areas where air can leak in and out at a time before the extremes of the hot or cold season. For this reason, many opt to have spray foam installed in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild and optimal for an effective and durable installation.  

Spray foam insulation is an investment that can save on energy costs and keep your property comfortable even when the weather is extreme. While a spray foam install can happen at any time of the year, consider the specifications of the foam, the condition of the surface where it needs to be applied, and the cost and availability of installers. Doing so will ensure that you choose the best time of year for your spray foam insulation.

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  • Malvern D
    - at 2 years ago

    My uncle plans home remodel project next year. I believe insulating a home is best done during a remodel. He will start it in the summer. Your post is very informative. I should tell my uncle that it is best to install spray foam before the cold months start. If I didn’t read this post, the installation might not be durable and effective. So, thank you! Is it ideal for adding at least 1 ft of insulation to the attic floor?


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