spray foam insulation keeps businesses cool and cuts energy costs

Keep Cool This Summer with Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

In today’s unprecedented times, most are spending their time indoors. More than ever, regulating inside temperatures during the summer and keeping costs down is a goal. Thinking of long-term savings, businesses may consider spray foam insulation services to solve both of those concerns, creating a win-win situation.

As a building owner, high heating and energy cost could eat away at profits and make working inside uncomfortable. Additionally, as many commercial buildings also struggle with pest control issues, cost to mitigate this year after year soar. A simple solution may be employing a commercial spray foam insulation contractor to protect from environmental discomfort, unwanted insects and rodents, and high operational costs.

Spray foam insulation installation also helps regulatory plans. The California Public Energies Commission spelled out in its 2007 California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan that all new commercial construction would be “zero net energy”. These ZNE buildings would be an energy-efficient structure where actual annual consumed energy is less than or equal to the on-site renewable generated energy, by the year 2030. As a part of the plan to accomplish that ambitious goal, buildings can have roofline and exterior wall insulation to cool down attics, lessen waste, reduce temperature extremes, and lower associated costs.

Industrial spray foam insulation installation not only insulates but it creates an air seal. Spray foam application will adhere to most surfaces, so it can be sprayed onto the roof, ducts, and HVAC units rather than an attic floor. The foam seals air before it enters or exits the building’s attic. Doing so will prevent air from leaking in or out so that sweltering summers or cold winters don’t become a problem.

Using spray foam to insulate exterior walls has the added benefit of being a sound barrier, reducing noise that could otherwise be a distraction. In addition to saving money and keeping your investments in HVAC during summers months, a professional spray foam insulation installation can keep sounds from outside the building and between different sections of the space in their place. The insulation will absorb ambient noise making the space even quieter, something that everyone needs.

Insulating with spray foam results in energy-efficient commercial spaces but having a spray foam insulation contractor would also work well for a home. Traditional fiberglass insulation can warp, become soggy, become home to pest, and needs to replaced fairly often. However, with spray foam, all these issues go away. It can be sprayed in the tightest of spaces and because of its flexible nature, it works well in a variety of applications.

It is best to use a professional spray foam installation services to eliminate major issues. Not only would you lose money on a botched job, but the more permanent nature of the foam can be problematic if not applied correctly. The hazards associated with working with chemicals and accessing dangerous heights and spaces make relying on a spray foam insulation expert the best choice.

This year, instead of relying on old, outdated insulation to keep your space comfortable, make spray foam the solution you trust.

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